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FHL on Henno ja Liisa fotopäevik. Nii filmile kui digikaamerasse jäädvustuvad teemad varieeruvad moest ja olmeromantikast kuni reisipiltide ja sotsiaalsete eksperimentideni. Kõik need tuleb muidugi üles leida muude suvaliste piltide seast. Aitäh, et vaatate!

FHL is a photodiary about everyday life of Henno and Liisa, capturing these moments on film and also into a digital camera. Subjects vary from fashion and household romance to travel shots and social experiments. Of course, all these described need to be found from a bunch of random pictures. Thanks for checking!

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P.S. For work related inquiries:

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John Hogg (2015-09-22 11:05:03):
Hi, I am writing from The Times newspaper in South Africa and we are interested in publishing a selection of your wonderful wedding pictures in our 10inTEN space - these are two display pages where we feature photography.Please email me and let me know whether this will be possible,if so please let me know how we can go about this. I can then also send an example of the 10inTEN.
Many thanks
John Hogg
Picture Editor
The Times

Liisa (2015-09-21 15:28:11):
Katie Marie, you can contact me via e-mail

Katie Marie (2015-09-21 08:29:46):
Good morning. firstly I would like to say how much I loved the post and photos taken by bride Liisa Luts. I would love to be able to contact the bride to ask her some professional (photogrpaher) and personal (bride erspective) question , advices and opinions. Can you please tell me how I can contact her? Or please put her un contact with me? Thank you very much in advance. Have a great day.

Liisa (2015-09-21 06:36:53):
Hey, Annie!

Thanks! We use many different cameras. Some of the photos are taken with Nikon D600, latest are mostly FujiFilm X-T10 and also a lot of them are with an analog Nikon FG.

annie (2015-09-18 17:48:05):
I love your pictures ! Beautifully capturing the moments - what camera do u use ?